Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Artist will take it burnt or raw in Tuscany, I hear SIENNA
Calm and self-possessed when seen around and about SERENE
County nag has heavy burden SHIREHORSE
Dancer is enveloped in reddish-pink CERISE
Discreetly offer non-flowering plant FERN
Disordered team take it easy with singer MEATLOAF
Disturbed my nap in Egyptian capital by impulsively setting fire PYROMANIAC
Duck takes drink by the litre TEAL
Going through Liguria, initially with bottle VIAL
Has darling been endlessly busy working for the queen? HONEYBEE
Is seen with 10 across around you and me over here VISUAL
Little Margaret goes up the street with one precious item GEMSTONE
Make U-turn in December and sell it for less UNDERCUT
Makes marks in colour, at first, on synthetic material CRAYON
Middleman regularly makes suggestion IDEA
Prime Minister abandons bewildered paramour at dawn AURORA
Reportedly funds impressionist? MONET
Sealed meat for starters on French frying-pan and made her angry BROWNEDOFF
Shoddy to toy heartlessly with troubled ward TAWDRY
Showing sanctity, the hallowed abandon lewd characters HALO
Spotted beleaguered search party in body of water REDSEA
That unruly fella, Dom is her ex OLDFLAME
The greyish-brown is a little dear, she says FAWN
They say these well-dressed cats brighten up spring DANDELIONS
Throws first two villains into cavity with exuberance VIVACITY
To be without high-flyer in pitch dark JETBLACK
Wallflower shivering with peculiar kilt on SHRINKINGVIOLET

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