Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 15 2018

Clues Answers
Advice from the Grim Reaper could mean we’re done here TIMETOGO
Contemplates losing the head with exercises USES
Criticise contest starting off with decisive blow KNOCKOUT
Deceived 12 across with last letter from the foreign department BAMBOOZLED
Fade away after one for the road – it’s typical outcome after an inquisition AUTODAFE
Flawed coup takes in the French Nationalist going to Spain with great wealth OPULENCE
Frenchman gets locked in Back Lounge with the foreign tramp RAMBLE
Fresh fire on rural area didn’t start in the country NEWZEALAND
Genial doctor is a concern for the editor LINAGE
Ghost picture? VISION
Has an influence on the count as what’s monitored is not in sodium carbonate ABACUS
Individual takes Chianti out of container ship PERSON
It’s standard to conceal children’s ignorance ENSIGN
Makes fun of music backtrack on lyrical poetry cover single PARODIES
Clues Answers
Medicinal amount from bottle of Calvados exhibited DOSE
Most of 11 across and 8 across produced by treasurer COMMITTEEPERSON
Opening toast with Ruth’s Oriental spirit – that’ll sincerely get them talking TRUTHSERUM
Perjury, for example, raised by old lord of the manor LIEGE
Pines for something stolen locally and has no chance of success LONGSHOT
Prepare for a number of courses in readiness DINE
Put away in the swinger’s bag, of course, for meeting groups COMMITTEES
Rig leaves Algiers destined for the public houses ALES
Scott leaves combat boots in grass BAMBOO
She clued puzzle to plan SCHEDULE
Some coat of arms one associates with a number of animals FARM
Some of the local stick for the one in charge BOSS
That’s old hat perhaps to Iron Lady FEDORA
Women’s Institute switches channel for the weather forecast – it’s an environmental issue ACIDRAIN

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