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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 16 2018

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Clues Answers
A legend on the rampage obtained the information GLEANED
Academic lost the head and got what he deserved, financially speaking EARNED
Act of Bad Manners is slight SHOWNORESPECT
Awful close up of the duos COUPLES
Bend over backwards politely in school – in what way is that key to getting recommendation for a job starting out? SHOWDEFERENCE
Expose legislative type of ban OUTLAW
Finish filming what’s on the menu in The Restaurant WRAP
Get the picture of criminal overshadowing guard losing the head CATCHON
Get your head around local in small states SUS
Gets the better of the brains behind escape clause OUTWITS
Greeting back delighted old Spanish gentleman HIDALGO
Guide takes credit for the display? Thanks a lot! SHOWGRATITUDE
Hardy novel is one of the good books – those in the emergency services are always looking for it HYDRANT
Heartless young man opens 7 down for those from the cast that are not wanted BYCATCH
In retrospect, model on first assignment told tales about morality in the past AESOP
It’s in the space separating back and small nerve tip BETWEEN
Local criticism of honey producer to offend BEEF
Make slight improvements, as about to take show on the road shortly to Switzerland RETOUCH
Meant to leave statement and let it stand as it was STET
Clues Answers
Nepal cook from one of the colonies PENAL
No intent in Tinseltown to reduce speed SLOW
No late shift in temporary shelter LEANTO
Obtain novel from college of the study of plants BOTANIC
Periods in wild copse around top of the hollow EPOCHS
Plays, for instance, for all sides today SHOWS
Prove this to most of 13 across SHOW
Pushes joints? ELBOWS
Puts in an appearance to point out school individuals you might see in The Mirror if you look (5,3’1,4) SHOWSONESFACE
Raleigh loses hair on part of the journey LEG
Ran away from warden to take the plunge WED
Receives a signal picking up The Readings SENSOR
Remove dirt from bird table in old tower BABEL
Shame one of The Stones joining Yes PITY
Sounds like sheepish type is back? Absolutely! YOUBET
The beastly pen of fascist youth in part STY
The problem involving college – it might leave the wrong impression? ETCH
Wash your mouth out with local drink GARGLE
With a little luck, starters might divide the room WALL