Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A cry for help having ingested major toxic material ASBESTOS
Chatty broad provides instruction in dentistry OPENWIDE
Corrupt role in law in oppressive type of society ORWELLIAN
Doctor who thought suffering and bereavement were for the best PANGLOSS
Dull type teaches one ceramics TRAINSPOTTER
Embarassed by accessory that’s layered TIERED
Essential meaning lacks gravity for believer THEIST
Establish limits of reclusive Korean leader’s space programme STARTREK
Feel gait becoming unsteady? Spend more time outside perhaps GETALIFE
Fitzroy’s terrified boxing seafood OYSTER
Fleece trouser pocket STEAL
Getting low score on it is no great shakes RICHTERSCALE
Goes quietly about stuffing mushrooms CREEPS
Guess at cryptic clue in series SPECULATE
He abandons what experts know for such motifs TROPES
Help root out explorer POTHOLER
Hush or shush? These brothers can’t tell you which SILENTORDERS
Lots of girls in class using heads for reasoning LOGIC
Noble sounding demise of old place of entertainment ENDOFTHEPIER
Present when repeating words of comfort THERE
Publicity campaign to get rid of author PROUST
Sat at back beside toilet for musical recitals CANTATAS
Schedule some time with new father AGENDA
Spots cable getting caught FLECKS
Talkative type drops good guide USHER
Turn church paintings into teaching tool FLIPCHART
Undemanding period stretches for quite a distance LIGHTYEAR
Weapon some strap to their foot STILETTO

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