Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 19 2018

Clues Answers
A small train with pack animals LLAMAS
Call up first lady over fine EVOKE
Created a stink for Weekender’s dropping of news REEKED
Crucial play with right message for wider distribution CIRCULAR
Dry type admits taking head off Irishman assisting the minister CURATE
Final, final warning for snaky type sounds like a touch of desperation LASTGASP
Grand girl whatever way you look at her is heaven-sent MANNA
Growing concern for those involved in plot GARDENING
Holds the discards for bait initially in big ship BINLINER
If you’re involved in 15 down you’ll need this presumably for financing start-ups SEEDMONEY
Individual not in tip-top condition in Irish Dynasty (1’5) ONEILL
It’s not easy for those at the end of 24 across opposing the peacemakers HARDLINER
Keeps getting mileage out of crazy secrecy about Labour leader RECYCLES
Mark or Nick? NOTCH
Clues Answers
Menus are wrong for securing the online service USERNAME
New piston required for electric motors POINTS
Not in school to look after and feed half the daydreamers ABSENTMINDED
Organisation is being wound up perhaps and it’s taking an age UNENDING
Part of the golf course proposal is just a sketchy design ROUGHPLAN
Rosemary gets first pound of tea HERBAL
Some remarkable aversion to desert LEAVE
Sounds like Beany or Barney perhaps hasn’t got a regular mate BACHELOR
Taking the car to the mountains popular with the swingers DRIVINGRANGE
The Joshua Tree needs no introduction – in retrospect, it’s suggestive of reliable hit ACCURACY
They put pressure on to use gag loosely GAUGES
Type of stress, in a manner of speaking ACCENT
Volte-face as a result of lobotomy perhaps CHANGEOFMIND
What comes from the heart for family going overseas BLOODVESSELS

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