Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
At a river in Spain, German agrees to a drink RIOJA
Baker oddly dead set on travelling around with old German guide BAEDEKER
Containing music arranged in Los Angeles and New York with my help, initially HYMNAL
Dash around Spain protecting eyes SHADES
Detectives try to surround father’s changing room VESTRY
Discard survivor? CASTAWAY
Finally, Ian returned thanks to the French back in Strasbourg ALSATIAN
Find saucer higher up DISCOVER
First three prepare half of the material so it’s ready in advance PREFAB
Has the self-motivation to abandon motion to organise celebration FESTIVAL
Hindered by this floundering bird, oddly at a loss ALBATROSS
In the end, right before tea, the last three of 15 down begin to feel lethargic INERT
It’s characteristically French, in short, to begin trip at last in the end of 6 down and gad about like this GALLIVANT
It’s inexplicable that first person’s street has one accountant in fifty MYSTICAL
Leo gets fungal problem in August and curses it FOULLANGUAGE
Locals say to drink large bowl of soup – I’m told it’s peachy NECTARINE
Loosened it, perhaps, after she began to dine in car SEATBELT
Might cunning young lady look closely at this property? PREMISES
Might Smithy work with this wry literary device? IRONY
Register traditional wisdom recalled in the north ENROL
Signs of Omicron in southwestern Spanish port ZODIAC
Sometimes Freya is extremely cynical about Norwegian capital OCCASIONALLY
Tangle secretly with duplicitous legate TOUSLE
Tempting one to retire in bliss IRRESISTIBLE
Ultimately, loses half of shares as a consequence RESULT
Universal humorists on tour COSMIC
Uses map in large grotto, perhaps. for touring CAMPERVAN
Villains interfere with what’s written here to get full board ALLINCLUSIVE

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