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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Arrange USA routes and gather paraphernalia for married life TROUSSEAU
At a crucial moment it’s announced in The Court, part of the movie is on location SETPOINT
Board member from Switzerland is on the plane CHAIRMAN
Broadcasted support for writer BEAMED
Convertible wee barrel is good for a regular supply of beer ALEBREWER
Doesn’t change the effect of drugs STONED
Famous wild ostrich roaming island HISTORIC
Fools turn up almost saint-like meeting detective IDIOTS
Gee! Agreed crafty activity appeals to the boy-racer GOKART
Give the official go-ahead to build art house over institute AUTHORISE
Is out there to lift lid off secret OVERT
It’s a measure of how hard people are working and it’s bound to be an issue for the union PRODUCTIVITY
It’s about securing new menu with the minimum of food and drink and getting employer to pay for it REMUNERATION
It’s nothing to do with The Courts – local unhappy type is really missing one’s partner LOVESICK
Clues Answers
Leave most of The Independent copy heading in old language GOTHIC
Magnificent small place to finish papers SPLENDID
Period in the abbey is a diversion for the children after school PLAYTIME
Person gets stolen goods to despatch from business under court protection RECEIVERSHIP
Senor Alberta on holiday Urbanisation with socialite MANABOUTTOWN
Ship factory has no craft job for a hands-on type of person PHYSIO
Small problem of sensitivity for the princess in the palace doing the talking SPEAKING
Sounds like something on the car is worn out ATTIRE
Soup producers, honey producer and tea plant producers? BEETROOTS
Speculates symphonist fails to get hymn POSITS
Stand up to someone in Government for what’s happening on the border CROSSING
Step away from protestor moving about the wind farm ROTOR
Turns up group holds onto address – it comes with conditions TERMS
What’s the alternative to relative losing the head? OTHER