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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 22 2018

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Clues Answers
9 across and 26 across from small Archipelago up north SHETLANDISLANDS
A judge from the past takes over the meeting – it’s handy when one is sitting ARMCHAIR
Aims at an adaptation in part of Australia TASMANIA
Aura coming out of tea parlour in Beetlejuice? PETROL
Certain limits to surgical procedure SURE
Crafty type retires from Russian body – losing a leader comes as a shock TRAUMA
Every ounce of anger in Vogue ALLTHERAGE
For those living off the country perhaps with one of those in 3 down ISLAND
Frank Spring is killing time on the estate OPENSEASON
Have steam coming out of one’s ears at the end of 6 down RAGE
Hide piece of fiction – it’s despicable LIELOW
Is it a badge of honour for church starting witchcraft? Mostly! BROOCH
Monitored a play with restraint MODERATION
No trade in Turk’s Head or The Pod HUSK
Clues Answers
Old European prohibition restricting the players switching codes in past THEBAN
Perfect place to grab a Magnum perhaps – those travelling by car might want to avoid it BOTTLENECK
Plug for bank’s computer network CORK
Relative from Copenhagen upsets wild woman from Greece MAENAD
Responsibility of the state register for electoral purposes ROLE
Serve endless Ib?rico – firstly with wine and on the house for highflyers HELIPORT
Sidney admits pressure to extend credit outstanding SPLENDID
Started to open a foreign bar with writer UNBOLTED
The lands wasted in Scottish island SHETLAND
Those in the body of horses missing the first ORGANS
Took a few turns coming down the hill with distressed damsel carrying half the load SLALOMED
Took advantage of some gregarious educationalists USED
Upsets salt mine engineer AILMENTS
Went on to say Reg left degraded ADDED