Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 23 2018

Clues Answers
A driver would swing for it after some of the journey with one from the estate? LEGATEE
A rugby player is so upset – how appropriate is that to a particular situation? APROPOS
A way to raise hands and to beat them? OUTVOTE
Bake a gratin for Italian dessert GRANITA
Bound to include those concealed by Sancho Panza HOP
Brief moment for The Wire’s understudies SECONDSTRINGS
Catching odd intent from Government NETTING
Covered up by hijab – a lifetime in Indonesia BALI
Describes one of those on the door with hearing aid missing aria HINGED
Difficulty in parking at the airport heading off PLIGHT
Dry sherry consumed by staff in off-licence FINO
Fragment of Jerusalem ailments read online EMAIL
Game for Arabians and some escapologists POLO
Half out of duty, girl returns to keep an eye on the little ones in Madrid DUENNA
Has been on the road a long time and is susceptible to breakdown as is Juncker perhaps? SECONDHANDCAR
Heats off hotplates – what a novel idea? PLOT
How are they the first on all sides today and they’re not winners? SECONDS
Is lost in the foreign thread? LISLE
Make up your mind for half of those in the bar OPT
Clues Answers
Medical check offered by doctor, the next one SECONDOPINION
New dances take off ASCEND
Of course, this is just more of what Oliver was looking for SECONDHELPING
Old backing singer isn’t finished with linesman from Rome OVID
Old horses produced yearlings Riley dismissed? NAGS
One of the farming types supports Partition STUD
Papers review most of The Short – it’s dark DISMAL
Party admits lots retiring could be full of energy DYNAMO
Put out by what the parents produced ISSUE
Regime change is central to reasons for those who took flight EMIGRES
Rows with co-authors losing touch OARS
Somehow lose Pat Thomas, for one APOSTLE
Those responsible for atmosphere covered up partying as escapism GASES
Throw in sample of bread dough ADD
Turns up on night shift for the love of the game NOTHING
Ushered in, as involved in subtle deception LED
Volume is an issue? EDITION
Where The Minister gets to spread the gospel – it makes the papers from the start PULPIT
Writer admits being behind with deadline for High Spirits ELATED

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