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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 25 2018

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Clues Answers
A Green convert might make someone’s blood boil ENRAGE
Alludes to Monets in complex MENTIONS
Bad start to be without most of the players ? Swallow it without milking it! BLACKTEA
Charity event raising funds for part of wildlife teleconference FETE
Criticise in Gulf starting surveillance for old luminaries GASLAMPS
Dart in Dublin RUSH
Detectives working in hospital with 6 down – that must be chaotic DISORDERLY
Disorientated going in and out of love nest LOST
English vote is writ large for society and this makes it clear EXPLAINS
Fascinated for a brief period approaching spring SPELLBOUND
For putting one’s house in order some will lose power with this GENERALELECTION
Fresh veneer covering yard means nothing to the people in general EVERYONE
Gatherings of neurons travelling around centre of spine REUNIONS
Initial stake damages tree ring – if you bought one, would you think it was a sound investment? STEREO
Clues Answers
Investigated how the travellers left the hotel CHECKEDOUT
It’s said part of the cycle is new SPOKEN
Judge to review last order EXAMINER
Madeleine’s dropping aims that will annoy someone NEEDLE
Mischief-maker to ease off the base rate BRAT
Night light eats current – it’s supposed to be a fashionable device MODCON
Small type of bridge over river is perfect for those going a short distance STROLL
Some in the theatre know of Long Day’s Journey? TREK
Sportingly reviews periodical at place in Dublin GAMELY
The subtle insinuation from union movement accommodating wind-up INNUENDO
There’s no air in Emirates for track events MEETS
Those around the borders to come home, by the book TOME
Upsets bar crowd in England DORSET
War Department has a habit of running part of the hospital WARDSISTER