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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Bring up after Power offers commendation PRAISE
Castro embarrassed bit players ACTORS
Chill with reserve forward KEEPFRESH
Computer-generated type of fish tackle APPROACH
Drunk a port left by those doing the rounds PATROL
Fundamentalists ignore fan mail from those in Madrassas STUDENTS
Give up the ghost over redhead in poor health FRAIL
He religiously smokes a joint and procrastinates dismissing inspector RASTA
He’s not one to talk about neat cocktail in the interval MEANTIME
Head over heels with crafty type in coach TRAIN
Heard eau de cologne found in another aisle is a mush-have ESSENTIAL
In a manner of a speaking, part of the horoscope in publications, wordy perhaps, in the extreme DICTIONARIES
In passing, this is always a grave business DEATH
It’s hell on earth for Slav thrown out of El Salvador ORDEAL
Clues Answers
It’s not out of order for Private Eye OPERATIVE
Jerk about to make a mistake presuming that is marvellous TERRIFIC
Left in the lurch by Russell taking in a part of Cork and Dublin ABANDONED
Local floor workers starting trouble in confusion ASTONISHMENT
NATO in trouble with Russia, for one NATION
Pay attention to The Last Word – it’s the epitome of deep thought CONCENTRATED
Rush back to a foreign school in old cars TRADEINS
Small bird on church? Darn! STITCH
Sounds like instruction not to give too much aid is defenceless HELPLESS
Take a draw when not at home – with this approach there’s no hiding place SMOKEOUT
Take first nervous steps to begin Irish dish that needs no introduction TODDLE
This exact method describes those figures in some reports MATHEMATICAL
Took in the meeting of escort and writer ATTENDED
What writers’ write on, some people lie about SHEETS