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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 27 2018

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Clues Answers
100 leaving university department can’t be right FAULTY
Buy into what Venus flytrap will do for you SNAPUP
By and large, Gale is missing in spirit BRANDY
Can do without former partner, as writer and director up to the job EXPENDABLE
Decorator suffering from infectious disease in Dublin PAINTBRUSH
Dessert with fruit is not finished with the fragrant colourful flowers on the rise SWEETPEA
Draw is a pain in the neck DRAG
Fast, vile criminal in Fiesta FESTIVAL
Gangster admits tipping off many an individual from estate DOMAIN
Give someone a hard time retiring from Government circle GANG
Harm one’s rig getting Arabian to go faster perhaps HORSEMAN
Mark Bellow from the start is employed by radio station CALLSIGN
Narcissism of one from the capital in navy dress VANITY
Network refers to reports of destinations for surfers WEBSITES
Clues Answers
No Asians in San Sebastian on holiday ABSENT
Outlet for posh cocktail SHOP
Provided financial security for policeman protecting worker on drugs GUARANTEED
Puts the plan into action for directors dismissing four from Rome EXECUTES
Rows or upsets produced misery SORROW
Say one has the right place to land to look for gold LAYCLAIM
Shoot local from Cork PLUG
Sounds almost like it could be of interest to someone on a diet in the neighbourhood LOCAL
Supports without spur in greenhouse containers POTS
Switch from a new party to another party? That’s how some unions work! ONANDOFF
The first three award winners MEDALLISTS
There’s a comfort in area settlement EASE
Walk across the road with the bird at Checkpoint Charlie PELICANCROSSING
Write something about A-Team leader and arrange it for a musical NOTATE