Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 28 2018

Clues Answers
Be unsure that man is retiring from foreign museum HESITATE
Cut off from detective’s sidekick DISASSOCIATE
Ditches fish around river with heads of European salmon TRENCHES
Eating out of watering hole is a stupid mistake HOWLER
For example, country on Arabian Peninsula and CIA suspicious of self-obsessed individual EGOMANIAC
For those getting their big breaks, several from Band Aid cover group of performers PLASTERCASTS
Government criteria strangely relating to older people GERIATRIC
Hardworking institute in Dingle hampered by time DILIGENT
Most of the drugs found at revolutionary’s addresses SPEECHES
On something in the Himalayas is the best part of being stoned presumably HIGHPOINT
One of the Mafia, for instance, gets credit from one Milan bully CRIMINAL
Order it officially for new road going up north ORDAIN
Prenatal doctor is very sympathetic to one of the family PATERNAL
Priest travelling with amazing type who is a bit of a legend SPRITE
Clues Answers
Reduced Cork community in this monastery primarily offering religious instruction CATECHISM
Representative of a fairly hard-working type AGENT
Sailing ship for Attila the Hun perhaps MANOFWAR
Speak about university produced by Oliver Goldsmith outside of Trinity, for example STATUE
Species of bats coming out of gastropub GROUP
Taximeter doesn’t include time bonus EXTRA
This couldn’t be more obvious – it holds the drink to take away CRYSTALCLEAR
This problem with The House strikes a chord HITSHOME
Tried hotel with Bill from the bar – it’s only half OK HADAGO
Turns up, the Foreign Editor is writing nothing to do with difficult trial ORDEAL
Upsets shirty types working on paper for tyrant DESPOT
Violently remove Ivy and sell her down the river! TELLON
Workers mellow near Artois, sick of three people in Parisian Union MENAGEATROIS
You can’t say one doesn’t mind anyone getting about in private transport CARER

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