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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 29 2018

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Clues Answers
A Cork town with back roads and ditches ABANDONS
A theologian and writer went on to say something more ADDED
Blast! Short cut goes around motorway BOMB
Colourful type seen on the beach on the shores of Istanbul and Odessa, among others BLACKSEA
Creditor breakdown produced by board member DIRECTOR
Damage and ugly decay on front teeth – presumably, this is why one is afraid to go to the dentist SCAREDYCAT
Early man is a bundle of joy BABY
Engineering a bizarre rise is getting less difficult EASIER
Frenchmen in business attire for meeting SUMMIT
Honey producer is right about The House – it appeals to those not in the building who like a drink BEERGARDEN
Irish men married to the job FIRM
Is not just or legal from the start for paper that needs no introduction UNLAWFUL
Is not new to a drug problem involving long-standing members OLDGUARD
It’s not difficult for Ken to leave Yankees EASY
Clues Answers
It’s paradise at the end of 13 down, for example EDEN
Joy has times to remember going around Lima and some times to remember of late FUNERALS
Knowledge of French, for instance, is only the start of it in the Foreign Legion COMMANDO
Maintains a garden for women with wild aster WATERS
Most of those in 25 across and 9 across getting paid to put us all down FUNERALDIRECTOR
My word is distorted by noisy and disorderly behaviour ROWDYISM
Nears a settlement with The Rings ARENAS
Races in lane coming out of East Berlin TRIBES
Religious leader has a bone to pick in The Warren perhaps RABBIT
Rows back on news relating to the competition – I swear to God, he hates me! SWORNENEMY
Seals leave Dar es Salaam with the fleet ARMADA
Speculator misses cues provided by those doing the monitoring PATROL
The Party line is, director gets drunk in the bar and is played by the musician CONGADRUMS
Tipperary border or in Meath? TRIM