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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 30 2018

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Clues Answers
”Privately, they elect political leaders with skeletons in the cupboards” – it’s all over introduction to Big Issue SECRETBALLOTS
Airbrushes out Herb and Georgia’s neighbour RUSSIA
All excited as she avoided speed hump PUMPED
Assess what’s in the Euphrates River RATE
Bar for the swingers in part set up with energy and a fair amount of passion TRAPEZE
Cryptic fan didn’t sign the Valentine’s Day card SECRETADMIRER
Curmudgeonly dumped lemon curd produced by gal’s partner GUY
De Niro isn’t part of rendition from Dumbo NIT
Do one’s best gin cocktail – it’s not easy TRYING
Fragment of Kashmir anecdote produced by Afghani neighbour IRAN
Girl discovers young one heading off to get someone’s goat ANNOY
Guy gets short session on book contents CHAPTER
Large country house may be popular and good for nothing VILLAIN
Make use of foreign mole over pressure from Yard EMPLOY
Midwives in new role similar to 18 down LOVER
Most of the stadium is sold initially by Roman goddess VENUS
Old agricultural worker produced fuel found over most of the beach’s surface PEASANT
One of the agents associated with all sides today SECRET
Organisation digs up definite type of energy NUCLEAR
Clues Answers
Paper concealed customs tariffs STAR
Peer briefly takes to writing with a line that goes all the way around the world EQUATOR
Precious type in repertoire has memory like a computer STORAGE
Prepare to take flight with what’s bound to concern revenue from island TAXI
Roulette ball limits circular movement ROLL
Second course with trimmed piece of meat from market OUTLET
Some abandon a programme for break in the afternoon NAP
Some populist Iranians in mix STIR
Splashed scent – I find it most pleasant NICEST
Spot barrister ringing to attract attention BOIL
Supervisor cleans out pores – it might cause infection VIRUS
Teacher to Nicholas I responsible in part SIR
Tear the dress in the gate THEATRE
The China nobody knows about is hidden from those doing the snooping SECRETSERVICE
The Establishment is behind mystery of who organised the Easter Rising SECRETSOCIETY
Trade Union has got no idea what it means to flick a switch TURNON
Union admits Quaker leader is on your side to the same extend EQUALLY
Vatican dismisses act as conceited VAIN
What’s in 21 across is similar to what’s in the army PRIVATE