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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Bread sales TURNOVER
Brief description of engineer vetting Oriental inside VIGNETTE
Building for sale around castle outside ALFRESCO
Casual worker gets time in there, roughly, devilishly enticing others THETEMPTER
Chaos after April is stitched up MAYHEM
Consumed medication, for instance, to get all right TOOK
Crash diet – the current trend suggests one has a yo-yo effect TIDE
Drinks and buffet that’ll get you talking ROUNDTABLE
Emigrant loses it, in a manner of speaking, in Berlin GERMAN
It’s for the lightweights to pick out one of those associated with wedding band RINGFINGER
It’s not cheeky to have a high opinion of good books REVERENT
It’s not on after institute gets wrong impression perhaps NOTION
Mind – May’s problem is, this is supposed to provide vigorous activity and progress DYNAMISM
New halter visible on horse after race LATHER

Clues Answers
One of those in The Chair is scratching the head summing up ADDING
Out with one of The Kinks at opening LOOPHOLE
Pasta and Eastern European port is almost restorative RIGATONI
Perils of working on biographical articles PROFILES
Picture capital’s falling internal labour market FILM
Pussy foot around centre with one buck WAPITI
Reputation means nothing – it’s a sign country is losing the head with dramatic acclaim STANDINGOVATION
Rome by train? That’s in the early stage of development! EMBRYO
Ruth leaves daughters with impressionable French artist DEGAS
Scheme to back port in Cork PLOT
Some Spanish-American deception SHAM
Starts backing up the truck taking delivery of wine BUTT
The prickly types in North’s Order THORNS
What happened after a retweet from painting class? ARTHISTORY