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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Chat with guard to what’s trending on golf by keeping an eye on the eagles and albatrosses BIRDWATCHING
Cured by medics at foundation – the trendy type covering Kildare SMOKED
Dawn’s awful sins – sure? SUNRISES
Drops butcher in digs PRODS
Earl gets depressed coming up to New Year’s Day COUNTDOWN
Emotionally stirring spirit with hot gin cocktail HEARTWARMING
Feel animosity to writer reviewing trial DETEST
Fruit stack in Munster LIMERICK
Girls went out with sporty type from Ring WRESTLING
How much more curvy is that one in Mediterranean taking in island with Romeo WAVIER
If there’s no milk in milk float – how is that one of the overheads? ALOFT
In the middle of storm, centre gets the first score – it’s astonishing to one of the viewers EYEOPENER
Influenced what the player did around very loud final game AFFECTED
Model having fling is always acting the maggot perhaps TYPECAST

Clues Answers
Morrison backing The Cure entertains area in front row VANGUARD
New members of the pack are prepared to do the scouting? WOLFCUBS
Outlaw enraged criminal from Spain RENEGADE
Part of the home brewing paraphernalia produced drink and drugs TEAPOT
Presumably, they went to see The Andromeda Strain in picture house to foil germs spreading FILMGOERS
Reports row with a young man getting served in deli EGGSALAD
Scare a crazy emperor CAESAR
Shine a light on novice in awful game GLEAM
Take part of border up north JOININ
Travel Peru by car – is that to be really active? ERUPT
Unobserved observer targeted by member of Swat Team perhaps? FLYONTHEWALL
Well-disposed to taking a lot from allegation GENIAL
What The Police created on The Bill LINEUP
Wizard’s sphere of influence in the dead centre of the poor man’s last home (6’1,5) POTTERSFIELD