Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 1 2018

Clues Answers
A retweet by dog’s owner is the fastest on the draw presumably ARTMASTER
Acknowledge what’s receding out of kitchen garden THANK
Bill and Max deducted from income tax NOTICE
Capable of giving air to a character like Twist in Great Expectations from the first edition WINDPIPE
Cheesy types of local cars WHEELS
Classy record of what one studied when working out EXERCISEBOOK
Credit a horse from yard that’s weather-beaten CRAGGY
Duff rang Given for making an impression on the Cup ENGRAVING
Get lost in Tibet? A mistake! BEATIT
Get the wrong end of the stick, mostly addressing teacher to explain the meaning MISINTERPRET
Group of performers consumed by Band Aid’s material for those getting their big breaks perhaps PLASTERCASTS
Hop off cargo ship coming out of Cuba CIGARS
Initial storm damages tree hooked up to old sound system STEREO
Institute writing with bluster over city centre will only inflame things IRRITANT
Clues Answers
Local chipper gets a vile review ALIVE
Local trouble with a horse half way down the road AGGRO
Moving gates on park to play area STAGESET
Mystify writer at sea PERPLEXED
On the outside, this refers to The Examiner EXTERNAL
Position batsman takes perhaps is not working ONSTRIKE
Posted different letters to ruthless leader DESPOT
Promoted Dan Cave ridiculously to director ADVANCED
Restrict sport over the weekend synonymous with April Fool’s Day TRICKSTER
Restrict the consumption of good books inside revolution ROTATION
Sounds almost like it could be of interest to someone on a diet in the neighbourhood LOCAL
They hold the residues from 25 across for a shy arts model ASHTRAYS
Unfinished record by The Edge is a stumbling block DISADVANTAGE
Women removing the top samples from drains WASTES

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