Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 10 2018

Clues Answers
A key hang-out for one having roots in Asia AFGHANI
Artist with instrument isn’t finished Italian food RAVIOLI
Bill is a soldier getting around a little slow ADAGIO
Bitter police department consumed by agents retiring ACIDIC
Bottled up in feelings for swimmer EEL
By the sound of it, pigeon on first course with two types of duck COO
Characters covered by Rita Hayworth in Eureka AHA
Community guard’s directive leads to riot CIVILDISORDER
Courteous to all sides today CIVIL
Don leaves San Diego for protection AEGIS
Drift out of fair trade region AREA
Drunk lager around end of afternoon searching for 27 across ANGLER
Engineer built taverns and school for workers in a state CIVILSERVANTS
Exotic berry on summits as cold as ice ACAI
Feeds off chefs-d’oeuvre that’s a trade concession VOUCHER
Flowery type isn’t finished, in a manner of speaking IRIS
In part, consider a venture that appeals to dancers RAVE
Is following polite American getting into trouble at school with the ancient Greeks and Romans CIVILISATIONS
Miami Beach is missing ? ahem! A stress for Yeats? IAMBIC
Clues Answers
No Lent in East Berlin or in Central Europe SERBIA
Non-religious Right said something for those joining union without Father of the Chapel perhaps CIVILCEREMONY
One in scrum at match loses head in firm dispute that leads to exclusion LOCKOUT
Picture is very fair with colourful language IMAGERY
Rejected most evil book that’s controversial EMOTIVE
Reviews English chapter of history about key match AGREE
Rip-off cutting of Genus Camellia SCAM
Serge’s novel is way out EGRESS
Shakespearean villain produces fragment from Machiavelli – a godsend IAGO
Sickening without Ken’s topping ICING
Silly dunce conceals article that’s carefully worded NUANCED
Some mispronounced names of genetic stuff DNA
Something for someone who can’t be patient at night in the guest quarters DAYBED
Takeaway opens over roadhouse offering rooms for hire LESSOR
Those in Delhi fiction includes one of the players HIFI
Used 18 down to cover the cake on top of dessert ICED
What’s the beef with teacher taking joint SIRLOIN
Whips up bit of mayo to go with head of cavolo – it’s a salute to Italian cuisine GNOCCHI
Wise guys in type of philosophy and poetry expressed by Joyce, for example IMAGISM

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