Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
A Milan butcher provides food for the meat eaters ANIMAL
A single time in prison cells ONCE
Absolutely not about writing from the country NORWAY
As a rule, Molly ran Review NORMALLY
Building proposition at school PREMISES
College bar briefly opens in Cork for those looking for a cure perhaps CLINIC
Complain regardless of moan from Hook CLIP
Doesn’t put off casual worker going up road TEMPTS
Elgar composed draft that had to be pulled LAGER
For those paying for their crimes perhaps with filthy lucre DIRTYMONEY
Have one’s heart set on responsively releasing spoilers ENVY
Hill 16 fairly covered by cost of lease that’s coming down rapidly TORRENTIAL
In retrospect, there’s nothing in completive games for boy-scout groups TROOPS
It’s about coming out of school with the ability to make better records REMASTER
Clues Answers
Leads – naturally occurring radioactive materials that can be average NORM
Local diamonds sourced from China originally by cool type during the summer ICETEA
Long-haired type from America produces Greek starter without hot preserve that’s not finished ALPACA
Regular political opponent throws digs at challenger before the Ring engagement SPARRINGPARTNER
Salvages settlement for those gambling with their capital LASVEGAS
Sensitive type is alarmingly looking for drugs perhaps DETECTOR
Still swallowing a fair amount of Qatari fish dish CALAMARI
Temp compiling crosswords is on a bit of a run and can help set new standards PACESETTER
Tests the quality of the blow and the speed for Gayle we hear ANEMOMETER
Unfamiliar type knocks over tea to sow dissention ALIENATE
University in Tonga designed by nutty, sweet type NOUGAT
What the FBI is looking for borders on the Clintonesque CLUE
Woman loses the head toying with irritating type ANNOYING
Young man to finally marry duke’s daughter LADY

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