Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 13 2018

Clues Answers
Coach retires and opens warehouse and yard by underpass SUBWAY
Comes down without Ned to foreign capital MOSCOW
Contemporary influence of Lord Harry PEERPRESSURE
Crazy modern truths from natural disturbance THUNDERSTORM
Develop runner to move in and out of a really useful group of leaders WEAVEARUG
Drowns out newsvendors – what’s the odds of that! EVENS
Exited – try criminal for sleight of hand DEXTERITY
Finished off in a backward place around Spain ATEUP
First short record about rebellious college produced by The Cure ANTIDOTE
French play owes debt to dissident FACTIOUS
Gifted story to good books’ editor TALENTED
Gradually destroy drugs found on both sides of bar ERODE
Has a job on location with Virginia getting direction in Mediterranean strip show EXTRAVAGANZA
In addition to falling over, can’t stand coming out of the salt mine perhaps SULPHATE
Clues Answers
It’s game of patience giving out to Israeli SOLITAIRE
Made a mess of Downfall with English director RUINED
Mice pass contamination to those living the dream ESCAPISM
Nearly die laughing at sculpture at the bar from dump with no head BUSTAGUT
Perhaps this might have crossed your mind illustratively opening a chapter HEADPIECE
React badly to imprint TRACE
Really turn up the sound as Daniel Defoe is ignoring oldie DEAFEN
Recently developed top lawn is moist in the morning upsetting one of those at the recent match NEWLYWED
Rings Samaritans for Rosa from Indian restaurant SAMOSA
Rotten, vilest, creepy type that relates to everything already mentioned RESPECTIVELY
Spring dance CAVORT
Take care leaving casseroles for casualties LOSSES
What’s the explanation for stage finish? LEGEND
Wild star secures job in the museum ARTWORKS

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