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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 13 2019

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Clues Answers
A bad start is typical of eccentric ABNORMAL
Apostle dismisses Lot and section of The Church APSE
Big swallow around Cork GULP
Bunch of hoodlums in Nevada, America, produced something that’s infectious and potentially mortifying GANGRENOUS
Charm fiend, criminal and type in a saucy outfit FRENCHMAID
Clip of Bolt’s retirement SNIP
Crafty type retires from Russian body – losing a leader comes as a shock TRAUMA
Don’t hold your breath, as former partner is on heroin and taking drink EXHALE
First short record about rebellious college produced by The Cure ANTIDOTE
Flower in the garden from the lowest part of The Shannon RIVERBED
Goes back to prepare for fight with lead as the film ends WRAPS
In a manner of speaking, victory by England in red and white in Bordeaux FRENCHWINE
Keeps an eye on old father upsetting bishoprics OVERSEES
Most of the regiment is not well in Rush THRILL
Negative response about a European leading negotiation hailed by the French NAPOLEON
Opens like a shot after quite different drinks TEQUILAS
Sent off manifestly by one’s own flesh and blood FAMILY
Shelter in Czech Republic by chance set up by audacious, shameless type CHUTZPAH
Sold out of Calvados and Spanish wine CAVA
Some quartermaster’s prison sentence TERM
Starts 22 across for American neighbours – the ones with European ties FRENCHCANADIANS
Suspend headless boxer – he has a chip on his shoulder HANGUP
Swap marriage for the workingmen’s club TRADEUNION
They secure the gate by playing match in recently developed set-up WATCHMEN
Those around the borders to come home for the publication TOME
Those nice types of characters opening 22 across FRENCH
Toffee fudge? Of course, it’s only for starters! TEEOFF
Trouble in organisation getting time off UNREST