Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
Absent – could be delayed over transport that was priced individually to order ALACARTE
Artistic impressions get chins wrong ETCHINGS
Cold one found in 1 down and in 4 down BEER
Collected money crossing a railway yard for the old volunteers YEOMANRY
Father admits taking post up in the house PARLIAMENT
Firm structure on the shore is the work of the forger COPIER
Forbids one of those in 1 down similarly at school BARS
Gets back in touch about Bolt opening stadium RECONNECTS
Good-natured friend from Paris is on the line AMICABLE
I hope things work out, as everything gambler touches turns to gold BESTOFLUCK
Is hot on the heels of soldier from Che’s revolution hiding in artist’s study GIVESCHASE
Lout serves up animal food for a couple of ducks YAHOO
Most of the view from a part of Brazil is a screenwriter’s dream perhaps SCENARIO
Mushy peas produced in the abbey APSE
Clues Answers
One of those in 1 down and in Bordeaux WINE
Order in mink dress with order for robe KIMONO
Posed for most of those overseas – it’s the talk of the town on TripAdvisor SATNAV
Quote individual from Crete novel RECITE
Ran the Assembly in Asian capital TEHRAN
Riverside bar has to close on the weekend BANK
Roughly, isn’t a small yes vote enough reason? SANITY
Smashed on glue and for lying – you might get a stretch for that? LOUNGE
Spies American reporting Lou AGENTS
Takes head off writer for making a point PENCILSHARPENER
Unnerves American soldiers outside museum in London AGITATES
Veg out with a piece of cake to chill RESTEASY
Weekend newspaper editor opens English joint KNEE
What Baker created in case set-up by government in questioning environment TRIBUNAL

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