Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
A Dior dress for one of the mediums? RADIO
A hot, painful reaction to a couple of Frenchman consumed by rising costs INFLAMMATION
A loud relative is depressed in hospital with the drink of late SUNDOWNER
A set routine to order in a group of trees GROOVE
Awaiting decision with no introduction or conclusion ENDING
Bypass revealed by engineer OUTMANOEUVRE
Car competition with component promoted on the box for foodie types TRACEELEMENT
Cautioned playing in the classy practice for those in the academy EDUCATION
Charming American puts up Corsican neighbour from bar ADORABLE
Composed notes in Italian for 21 across to drive engineer VERDI
Doctor ain’t getting infection from destroying worms? ANTIVIRUS
Fabulous type from Dandy? TERRIFIC
Fool around with broadcaster and department of various types ASSORTED
Insolvency over direction leads to quarrel RUNIN
Clues Answers
IT Dept fixed what happened to the dates PITTED
Making fun of staff consumed by wages PARODY
No gins in Singapore for the drinking song presumably in La Traviata OPERA
Only over 21s allowed to tell the difference DISCRIMINATE
Ordering a structure divides the Americans and Mexicans RIOGRANDE
Part payments for butcher’s topsides DEPOSITS
Piece of countryside greenbelt comes with a qualification DEGREE
Secretary gets temporary lease of life – support you’d associate from The Elders PARENTAL
Snapping at segment in Government BITING
Stick around college official losing the head working with the Polish CLEANING
The essence of Easter 1916, for one, provides a type of justice POETIC
Those in the hotel having drink with director supporting that lot out for the night BEDSTEAD
Verve lose the head in dive in Split DEPART
Wrapped up by firm for a time in the colourful shop perhaps OVERCOAT

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