Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 17 2018

Clues Answers
A number retiring from The Alliance AXIS
Aerate wine bar over Capital’s immense cellar, safeguarding the duty-free AIRPORTPOLICE
All back march for initial grant aid plan DIAGRAM
Bishop from Rome read aloud from Blackberry BRAMBLE
Bring to a standstill with the first Champagne flavoured ice cream CRIPPLE
Drink to songbird on single MARTINI
Egomaniacs with no income? It’s a long story! SAGA
Got upset at school – someone was using them to test the waters TOGS
Have a liking for a menu or treat ENAMOUR
Heard luck was turning, as can be up and down SEESAW
Hostelry held popular job for a head barman – might it go to waste? BINBAG
In charge of total blackout of broadcast ordered by police in prison AIRRAIDWARDEN
It’ll fall over what’s nice here and is forbidden ILLICIT
It’s about that woman the ophthalmologist has his eye on perhaps RETINA
It’s gas for all sides today AIR
Laid off in Dixieland from the book section INDEX
Lille novel about most of the cultural organisation that’s banned ILLEGAL
Most of those in 21 down could be partners with one Arab YEMENI
Nero’s not included in proper names for baby? PAMPER
Clues Answers
Obscure, miserable endless writing BLUR
Of course, it’s found in the Hawkeye State YES
Parody of burlesque MIMIC
Penniless characters have nothing NIL
Playing roles in local flop LOSER
Put away those in banks passing the buck PACK
Put off by yobs coming off oyster bed DETER
Scandi building company attracts first-time homebuilders LEGO
Some implacable body taking the money off the criminals CAB
Spill tonic over recipe for making lemonade CITRON
Spins music for school practice in the gym SPAR
Starting trouble and argument with fan at centre – it’s what Mason has to handle TROWEL
Tone on ocean liner is great for the different ethnic groups with affectations of superiority AIRSANDGRACES
Top grub coming from chipper for tea SINGLET
Try to get off trolleybus – in essence, that’s the clue perhaps SOLUBLE
Tune from band on tour is flying high AIRLINETRAVEL
Turns up nose over Lima, first novel by English hero NELSON
Turns up, no parking in April in old European capital LIRA
Turns up, wise men in Rio built something that looks good on paper in Far East ORIGAMI

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