Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
Alive to what 3 down did ANIMATED
Blowing hot and cold in Athens? It is wrong! HESITANT
Chap is not completely brave at takeaway, in a manner of speaking MANDARINCHINESE
Contempt in crushing spiders, etc. DISRESPECT
Cracks in builds on site report MAKESSENSE
Don’t put up any obstacles to produce one Yeats’ play MAKEITEASY
Expos? of modern school NEWS
Frenchman on course has a reputation for being lucky with the followers MASCOT
Garment coming out of East Germany for child’s play? EASY
Hand out medals again to revolutionary, engineer, officer and judge REDECORATE
Just in Trim – nobility central to House VIRTUOUS
Looking back, the foreign method for measuring ratio by Newton is a quick one NIMBLE
Most of spring arrives with several hails WELCOMES
One starts damage limitation exercises when one has nothing better to do IDLE

Clues Answers
Referee retires over senior dossier FOLDER
Row in the paper COLUMN
Some suburban kingdom could be a place of interest BANK
Stick in rooms away from foursomes FUSE
Study group with Labour’s Spring WORKSHOP
Take one’s time with bundle returning from Donegal to Spain DAWDLE
That could be straightened out better as ref left terrified TIDIER
They’re drunk in all directions around the institute WINES
Turnover, initially made in type of bakery, is frozen NUMB
Turns up, Timothy at one stage had a ceiling that was restrictive to the youngsters, for example AGELIMIT
Type of humour on The Hill reflects problem in some neck of the woods perhaps DRYROT
US uses no building that’s aesthetically pleasing SENSUOUS
Uses up the budget for writer and director in Titanic, for example SPENDS
Why is brute not finished with Tory for the most part? Does he have to draw you a picture! ANIMATOR

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