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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Baker leaves breakfast to go hungry FAST
Barman is allowed to get something the swingers want LEGALEAGLE
Decline what’s fancied in the last race FADE
Divorce leads to 22 across and 11 across LEGALSEPARATION
Failure to act on the outskirts of reality FACT
Fired characters from Polish Othello SHOT
Firm plants deadheaded for party around Denver COLORADO
First person from Leeds playing the lead ELDEST
For each court action over advertisement for local, soft soap PERSUADE
Gifts of slippery serpents PRESENTS
Head barman gets to open early and is the first to discriminate against those who arrived earlier? AGEIST
Idols doing the rounds at the Golden Globe Awards GODS
In the department responsible for cover-up, some people take a vow? MENSWEAR
It’s a type of animal hanging around top of pine tree MAPLE
Clues Answers
Let off for Passover? EXCUSE
Lost hammer, to be fairly frank BEATEN
Lounge has one soft drink for local sucker LOLLIPOP
Made a great deal of upside-down desserts STRESSED
Pirates on a craft in Split SEPARATION
Polishes off shoe in sink SLIP
Redhead consumed by drink and more stout LARGER
Rob the plan to get up someone’s nose BOTHER
Soil next to yard helps the flowers grow out of mucky pond DIRTYWATER
Steel men recondition aluminium and silicon ELEMENTS
Thankful it’s about piece of fiction by retiring old leader RELIEVED
Took one’s time securing Oxford college place LOCATE
Treats land contaminated by what the mouthy type did during conversion TRANSLATED
Trim plants with top of implement that’s new from Aruban capital FLORIN