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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 20 2018

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Clues Answers
A carol about tried and tested type of working out, for sure ASCERTAINING
A person of interest to those looking for criminals is confident in old city USURER
Assistance sought in hospital for right-hand man HELPER
Choosing your favourite singer, for instance, using Rod’s opening arrangement for ballad on the radio CASTINGAVOTE
Clips of three conversations in the dance hall CHACHACHA
Criminal snipers caught inside might still have a shot at the monarchy perhaps? PRINCESS
Cultivated type of women from The Sun WHEAT
Get this on your phone for your birthday for doing business without making contact perhaps SMARTCARD
Goes fishing for more than one set of players CASTS
Has a quick look at those in 23 down getting head barman to clean building CASTSAGLANCE
Have ambitions for one of them in O’Connell Street ASPIRE
Jerk starting trouble is capable of casting a spell over someone TWITCH
Manages to show concern for 500 in panic RUNSCARED
Most of the grass for playing tennis is for The Suits LAWCOURT
Clues Answers
Nothing rare in air letters from a number of different addresses TITLES
Poor Latin king welcomes Czech reports produced by the Treasury EXCHEQUER
Pretend to be a player in drama for law to be removed ACTAPART
Protection for characters in impoverished geopolitics HEDGE
Puts away criminal kinds around ringleader? DRINKS
Representative swallows last pint nursing 2 down perhaps COURTIER
Request remuneration leaving European Parliament APPEAL
Salinger leaves Guardian, as Glen is in Africa UGANDA
Teacher with a number of gowns perhaps and mortarboards HEADGEAR
The House could be watching 23 down AUDIENCE
The work of the Minister for Finance is putting pressure on what Paddy produces in the bargain basement BUDGETPRICES
Tough detective from Saskatchewan to drive with all the important information HARDDISK
Trios getting out of oil tankers for joint ANKLE
Upsets Pat, Daniel and Clare in movement where one is bound to get loads of clicks TAPDANCE