Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
A number of waves sound terrifying in boat SERIES
Austrian misses turn in the east ASIA
Border’s security interests hardens SETS
California failed to get lion from continent AFRICA
Carol is upset getting one of those poorer grades SING
Comedian taking an age getting to punchline presumably, is sluggish on the uptake SLOWWITTED
Complete building in tree ENTIRE
Does this mean the wife is out with one of the investors who’s not working? SLEEPINGPARTNER
Emerge with a starter of passion fruit APPEAR
Fair amount of publication produced by baker will bring a tear to your eye WEEPIE
Fair type of transport up north for most of the glen CARNIVAL
In solitary confinement, everyone says the bank gave it to them ALLALONE
Lands on island with players – it’s not a home game CASTAWAY
Lugosi is the lead taking on The Count for a particular run, in a tight situation? LADDER
Clues Answers
Marry off army officer to one of those in a position of authority OFFICE
Not the first answer is true? Wrong, in essence! NATURE
Open eatery with celebrity serving up unprocessed food in the French retro dishes ENAMELWARE
Provided fresh pupils and openings for eye doctor SUPPLIED
Reduce speed, for instance, and speed camera will fail to get Pam DECREASE
Takes it easy immersed in providing work for the builders SITE
The one that’s not open could start to mature like wine, by the start of the year CAGEY
Thirst for some Montrachets ACHE
To sail over river in heavy mist is child’s play if you can get over it LEAPFROG
Travel overseas to drink with endless members of the family briefly WATERSKI
Unemotional figure moving around the waters in The Artic presumably COLDFISH
Uni. Dept. tie designed with a lack of skill INEPTITUDE
Where you might find Humpty Dumpty with crackers? OFFTHEWALL
Women in Government faction WING

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