Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
A retiring hack in New York takes drugs with calculating types ABACUSES
All together in ’22 hearing INTOTO
An illuminating feature of The Abbey is not popular in the pub STAINEDGLASS
Arrogant cook found in herb garden TARRAGON
Deny special agent is going to Spain NEGATE
Ease up on salad on sole LOOSEN
Finishes off both catch and type of pork with little fuss HOOHA
Grammatical structure of nasty novel with mystery man SYNTAX
It’s a stroke of luck for a school head, missing in West African country, contacting my group ASABONUS
Local money for foodie type of junket might get a mention in the sweet talk? BREADPUDDING
Make friends with crowd-pleaser and one posh bloke HITITOFF
Parking for staff in America for shift UPSTICKS
Payback for going over the speed limit – it’s because of this you’ll be back where you started RETURNTICKET
Reinforce muscle and tops of upper pecs BEEFUP
Clues Answers
Rejects painting by university graduate – it comes as a shock TRAUMA
Rush off for empty bus with Maple and Ivy SHRUBS
Seems like a couple of years since The Band included those from the 70s AGEGROUP
Sleight of hand from wise guys and leading criminal MAGIC
Slurring from cheap shot and gin cocktail INSULTING
Some complex transformation similar to 4 across EXTRA
Spring left organisation for Rising, for example LUNGE
Surprise on the canal that’s popular with family member heading off BARGEINON
Tiny cast produced a show of godliness SANCTITY
To give you a clue – most of the word coming back is to decorate around hotel DROPAHINT
Try out pipe for experimental purposes TESTTUBE
Type of stick one gives to policeman TRUNCHEON
Won’t run working out – that’s the type of exercise that appeals to city architects TOWNPLANNING
Woolly type of horse held by Seamus SHAGGY

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