Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 23 2018

Clues Answers
8 across provides work for 25 across on the course to The Enlightenment HIGHEREDUCATION
A judge from the past takes over the meeting – it’s handy when one is sitting ARMCHAIR
A meal’s been laid out for sailors ABLESEAMEN
Beholden to dine out consuming something outstanding INDEBTED
Butchers mince the last of the meat to go with a piece of toast BRUSCHETTA
Compliments Aristophanes’ content of The Emperor TSAR
Cowboy released water from pair of taps for labourer RANCHMAN
Exchange of revolutionary prisoners SWOP
Flyover, heading off to range of mountains RIDGE
Fragment of Thomas Hardy or Pound MASH
Has a hand in finding characters in Oedipal mystery PALM
In spite of casing for split screen SPLEEN
Is a cut above what’s comparable to 9 across HIGHER
Is it better to rise up or fall? SUPERIOR
Clues Answers
It’s certainly disgusting getting make-up on her brace ABHORRENCE
Local companion could start to run well CHUM
Local late-night newsagent blocks off openings for housing over property CORNERSHOP
Man from Edinburgh briefly put to work with the English, in a manner of speaking SCOUSE
Mark Victor settles overseas COLONIST
Network in fairy tale contains a fair amount of The Coalition LIAISE
Officer at the manor welcomes a round on the western edge of the Great Plains COLORADO
Political leader gets pay off accommodating American – a bit of a smoothie perhaps PAPAYA
Precious type of hammer or a blade ADORABLE
Replaced the curse of the pager? BEEPER
The Don’s fixing the races TEACHERS
Unfinished patch to exercise with mate SPOUSE
Who’s out to demonstrate the truth of something? SHOW
Wild acid in California produced by a noisy, chirpy type CICADA

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