Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 24 2018

Clues Answers
A number of races set up in a row to hit a target REGATTA
Adjust figures for fallen trees RESET
Classy type on tap and the hot shot when it comes to clubbing DANCINGMASTER
Come to someone’s rescue in store SAVE
Confirm clip is of leading rider PROVISO
Crumbles seed or nuts ERODES
Doing nothing for banks on the way out DOOR
Held in Gulag erroneously for a specific number of years AGE
Herb in open sandwich and 27 across SAGE
Institute in Shannon close to a nice part of the world? RIVIERA
It’s a measure of the contents of porcelain china INCH
Kicking boots for one of the Spurs BOOST
Kind of manual for fraudsters dismissing Draft USERS
Master key is missing – yes, in a place of commercial activity MARKET
Musician is one missing from the storyline LYRIST
New users mixed up by those working in hospitals NURSES
No cash produced for cheesy snacks NACHOS
Party all night at the summits with the foreign critics PANEL
Police department characters immersed in xenophobic ideology CID
Clues Answers
Popular on some sides today for those fond of salsa DANCING
Posed for 20 down in the past SAT
Posted different letters to ruthless leader DESPOT
Relative of Daisy’s not the first back from the navy? ASTERN
Ruminate over a small nut CASHEW
Scant month in first-class college is not harmful in the slightest ASEPTIC
Small precious type with 29 across in banger SAUSAGE
Some command is countermanded by Ring DISC
Swallowed deception at republican workshop ATELIER
Take a look at liberal health and safety authority review by coquettish flutterer EYELASH
Take sow away from cowslip to prune it CLIP
Tedious boss on the surface presumably OUTSIDE
Trim at the end of June is as pretty as a picture CUTE
Turns up almost late and is caught with white powder TALC
Type of cloth used by painter’s folks OILSKIN
What are the chorus girls doing in Maynooth faculty? Offering tips to those in limbo, of course! DANCINGSCHOOL
What Rumpelstiltskin might do to make a scene DANCEWITHRAGE
What The Don gave to those in Chicago, for one, is instructive to those working around The Pole DANCINGLESSON
What was said to boxer in depositions SIT

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