Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
1000 involved in strike coming down the hill RAMP
A rose tub designed by one of those who put monkey wrench in works SABOTEUR
College houses old workers with tonne of paper DOCUMENT
Cycle the route the organisers of the Easter Rising took REVOLUTION
Dean Hunter is out of place below UNDERNEATH
Expose Max leaving bar exam BARE
Extract found in Tex-Mex tortellini EXTORT
Get hold of bank’s final dividend FIND
Gradually disappear as one of the swingers might want to do this FADE
Hang on – does this lot really want to stay in Europe? REMAIN
Has a job to use lots of drugs EMPLOYEE
Helpmate drops the syrupy type MAPLE
It’s about Health Check dismissing 100 – and that’s intended to cure the problem? REMEDIAL
Lay one’s hand on what’s similar to 4 down LOCATE
Clues Answers
Oxford and Victory by Turner wrongly set aside OVERTURN
Piece of countryside greenbelt comes with a qualification DEGREE
Plagiarist is not capable of anything original IMITATOR
Rows with some characters getting into Arsenal OARS
Scott ran away with distinction CONTRAST
She leaves osteopath for Spud POTATO
Sign of fighting in the conflict on estate PRIVATEPROPERTY
Spill tonic over recipe for making lemonade CITRON
Spring back to record from Greece State RECOIL
Tweak drug for Oriental type of American YANKEE
Wealthy section of Maastricht RICH
What Jack stole from giant bogeyman somehow MONEYBAG
Working on the film is not fashionable for those working with paper EDITINGOUT
Yeats’ work about female band – how will that save you taking to the road? SAFETYBELT

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