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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 26 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
10 across is getting on with one of those currently employed by an electrician for one’s protection TRIPSWITCH
A range of spirits in one moist cocktail EMOTIONS
Accountant is depressed about the foreign ring and that’s picked up by the barman CASELOAD
Browse for three keys – one of them to be used twice FEED
Canada nervous about what’s broadcast by a snaky type ANACONDA
Cold starters of halibut ordered eagerly with silver salmon COHOE
Dramatic divisions leads to public spats SCENES
Ducks at the back of shed to find tools for gardening DRAKES
For a time, one looks up to this shrink around bar at opening time CLOCKTOWER
Gone out for the night in this state after counting the sheep ASLEEP
He’s not in Flemish motion picture FILM
Humorous type using irony produced single embraced by Dire Straits SATIRIST
Italian restaurant closing in America over cold Neapolitan starter TUSCAN
Knowledgeable Oriental theologian getting to grips with acute problem EDUCATED
No prices set for plot CONSPIRE
One piece about first aid on a type of lizard IGUANA
One wasting time in the house with most of the characters in 24 across on crack in Ireland? Right! FILIBUSTER
Opens 15 across, of late BEHIND
Order in residence disregards sin DECREE
Person calling the shots is responsible for 24 across DIRECTOR
Record by tenor included in sequence of songs produced by a number of singers SEPTET
Rips off parodist – a nasty piece of work to the locals TOAD
Stand for a fair amount of the teachers in front of the French judge TOLERATE
Stumble around troop ship TRIP
Train charges for the cost of getting 3 down SCHOOLFEES
Tropical vegetable dug up with the last of the chard in Limerick EDDO
Walk unevenly by Dodder LIMP
Where one might be pulling strings and 9 across is to be found there BEHINDTHESCENES