Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
A long rambling story of outfit with secret agent capturing a ringleader? RIGMAROLE
Are terms arranged for the party? STREAMER
City Hall perhaps is built on estate COUNCILHOUSE
Cover story in Bengali biweekly ALIBI
Cream covers tops of strawberries and something that’s naturally fragrant and soothing BALSAM
Crew missing from workplace might be seen at the dance POLKA
Detectives work out how to cross Swords DISAGREE
Diabolical pain is so upsetting for the musicians PIANOS
Enthusiasm for Apple grows in tropical areas PASSIONFRUIT
Flighty type upsets revolutionary in local government, for starters GLIDER
Greene is stupid to get a shot in the arm ENERGISE
Had a ball perhaps in The Man from Clare with leading director DANCED
Madeleine’s dropping aims that will annoy someone NEEDLE
Narrate novel about head case leaving the airport RENTACAR
Clues Answers
Nice businesswoman from The Hustler? ENTREPRENEUR
One of those onto the Letter’s Editor is engineering panic STAMPEDE
Pick up where one left off in r?sum?? CONTINUE
Posers would say cheerleaders empty larder CHEESE
Revolutionary admits state revolutions reverted to type RELAPSED
Some Jerusalem ailments read online EMAIL
Strips, retiring and closing eyes, drops off SLEEPS
Supposing Parisian friend serves up something to drink in first glass IMAGINING
The man in Ring keeps key that opens entrance rattling in jacket REEFER
The sense to compliment a stewardess inside TASTE
The Taoiseach’s buddy perhaps is sharing with the one who can’t get deposit from parents for his own home HOUSEMATE
They have a reputation for exposing people to the heat from newspaper stings perhaps SUNTRAPS
We owe it to ourselves perhaps to state cause of bankruptcy NATIONALDEBT
What the judge gave in court challenges the biker TIMETRIAL

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