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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 27 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A musical test of knowledge in a short exam in Boston comes out of the blue POPQUIZ
A scene out of The Road AVENUE
An energetic and controversial element managed unit in university from end of term URANIUM
Cause deep distress with request to manicurist CUTTOTHEQUICK
Challenge importance by minimising what the editor might do for The Paper CUTDOWNTOSIZE
Clips of those leading all sides today CUTS
Colourful type of individual starting with Victor? On the other hand – an unknown quantity! IVORY
Could start to not be able to stomach a classy nice source of wine CHATEAU
Data picked up in Belfast cafeteria FACTS
Fire the imagination of expectations without pantos EXCITE
Go downhill rapidly in spring, endlessly SKI
House painters tied up and typically confined to beastly accommodation APES
In retrospect, a fair amount of memo covered by diplomacy relates to one of those on the prowl TOMCAT
Make shipshape as admiralty ignores alarm TIDY
Meredith has no time for the flock HERD
Most of those in 31 across drunk in the local CUT
Munch covers-up heads on Anxiety, Scream – and that’s nuts? CASHEW
Nick breaks nose and takes a drubbing grabbing skinhead in a Bandon unprofitable business? CUTONESLOSSES
One of those from the range back part of complaint ALP
Point for Kerry against Down and those with the overhead view see it SKYBLUE
Pre-election promise to charge 21 down TAXCUT
Preserve briefly in firm instrument CEMBALO
Rugby player on the foreign pitch PROPEL
Seating option in a Capri AISLE
Shade for fans all over the place SAFFRON
Some patriotic singing group TRIO
Sounds like a direction to cameraman at The Curragh to make a long story short CUTTOTHECHASE
Sounds like Friar holds a key for a song of joy PAEAN
Stable type of cortisone from discount store STUD
State of flipping mortar board from university UTAH
Televise without Elvis in casual shirt TEE
The fastest one spotted dare from head teacher CHEETAH
The Verve in Brazilian capital city in South America? BRIO
They block the arteries from dodgy mobile EMBOLI
Time in prison for the locals didn’t last long – reportedly, it’s a strain on the high-flyers BIRDFLU
Unfinished shelter causes offence to religious type up for the game TENNIS
Union upsets Harry Daniel living in Africa UGANDAN
Where in France square is covered by smoke produced by designer COUTURE