Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 28 2018

Clues Answers
A stretch locked up in Hispaniola SPAN
Cast a spell over writer heading off from state down under perhaps? ENTRANCE
Code of ethics for travelling reps in clip PRINCIPLES
Convert gets no rehab for heartburn TURN
Crash diet – the current trend suggests one has a yo-yo effect TIDE
Cultured bar possesses it POLITE
Discipline of a group of runners FIELD
Doesn’t cater for the dreamers who won’t let sleeping dogs lie? INSOMNIA
Donnybrook’s cup goes missing in pub crawls BRAWLS
Finishes 15 across with row COLUMN
Fix sample of beam-ends MEND
Her career’s damaged by investigator RESEARCHER
It’s a boon for a thief to unlock most of the operating system OPENWINDOW
It’s a matter of opinion for guardian offering support NEWSPAPERCOLUMN
Clues Answers
It’s sentimental to most of Twitter TWEE
Labour provided this type of service in office WORKROOM
Local criminal isn’t finished putting pressure on American city creating excitement HOOPLA
Movement rioted and did a job on 15 across EDITOR
Resigned oneself to go along with writer ACCEPTED
The advice of the man upstairs is crucial for the Hippocratic oath DONOHARM
The Capital opens late one night for one of those in the Mafia LONDON
The issue of wild lichen found around drive CHILDREN
The most important part of pro-forma invoice MAIN
Trouble about first novel set in The Maze WARREN
Turn one’s back on sunlit complex INSULT
Turns up, Split harbour park is close to school with cash-flow problem STRAPPED
VAT files lost – that’ll be some celebration! FESTIVAL
Work out, starting on dumbbells – it’s how they got the figures? CALCULATED

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