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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 29 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A mark of the beauty pertaining to Carole Lombard, going all the way back MOLE
Act now with half of those in 17 down DOIT
Delegation dine out in the Italian parlour GELATO
Don’t water wild aster found around Mid-Devon STARVE
French philosopher sues our boss over starting argument ROUSSEAU
Frequently French toast has no starch OFTEN
Give the go-ahead to hothead in Alamo working with a Texan neighbour OKLAHOMA
Helen, Pat, Rocky and Jumbo ELEPHANT
It’s yet to be confirmed, a foreign professional isn’t finished on the range UNPROVEN
Leaves home and heads for the river’s edges close to shore TREE
Local grass is popular with the first of two mentioned INFORMER
Loyal old leader is not in The House DEVOUT
Meeting place for ethnic group getting set of lectures RACECOURSE
Not the first pointer tightly defined NARROW
One key for the gents in blockhouses? IGLOOS
One over the moon sending up celebrities taking in Cork SPACEMAN
Potential private dinner date in trouble with partner MESSMATE
Recalls Hamlet, for example, with a top model – a wild woman from Greece MAENAD
Set down in black and white by editor behind paper DOCUMENTED
Shrink in fear of registrar initially finding E coli all over the place RECOIL
Sicilian neighbour’s short? A type of whiskey! MALT
Some revolutionary church seminaries go well together MESH
Spot at the end of 15 across MARK
State of article by graduate from Palestinian group THEBAHAMAS
The volume of students carried to class? SCHOOLBOOK
Toning down a fair amount of child’s play for Synge on the radio EASING
Wearing oneself out backing politician outside Number 10 with Father Ring OVERDOIT
What’s the point of a number of dashes, for example, associated with alcoholic spirit from France we hear? PUNCTUATIONMARK