Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
A foreign doctor in British army that’s plainly way up north TUNDRA
A plumber would find no objections in job description DRIP
A round of applause as the newlyweds are expecting? GOODRECEPTION
Accountant, for instance, has a head for sculpture? GOODATFIGURES
Big old thunderous smoker occasionally found in Vietnam ETNA
Caught woman taking top and bottom off solid Italian dessert CANNOLI
Concealed by characters in play ACT
Enquire into unfinished exhibition on Loire – it’s empty EXPLORE
Expertise concealed by McCartney ART
First-class miner says nothing as a form of self-defence AIKIDO
Forget about the foreign bird on leave LETITGO
Found in the general public high up in Switzerland ALP
Fraud is terrible – almost typical of that shower perhaps SHAMPOO
Healthy weight for a role model GOODINFLUENCE
Hurry to encourage American city development URGENCY
Interrupted by Trim teachers CUTINTO
It’s covered up by Politburo administration of course ROAD
It’s guaranteed to amuse comic, for one GOODFORALAUGH
Menacing old Frenchman is one with common sense OMINOUS
Clues Answers
Most of the meat from hotel consumed by men-only party addressed on social media HASHTAG
My word – it brings a tear to find detective inside OPINION
Mysterious legal eagle to introduce evidence ALLEGE
No Pinot in Appellation that’s a staple of Spanish restaurant PAELLA
No rations for theoreticians expertly working on computer TECHIE
Novice in tense training huddle NESTLE
Offend strong cleaner by releasing lead out on the air FLYER
Permits sign on one airline VISAS
Phil Silvers Show tribute opens with attention grabber that not everyone will get to hear PSST
Producer has no cure for blackout DROP
Puts away for track trials needing no introduction EATS
Remove lie from bulletin for Frank BLUNT
Rialto isn’t in illustration and that’s a snub INSULT
Some nerve-racking period ERA
The foreign copper leads new agency – it concerns gap in statement perhaps LACUNA
They’re not among the three-year-olds for baptisms of fire ORDEALS
Trollope dismissed Poe as an ugly monster TROLL
University mortar board, for one, raised in American state UTAH
Well done by all sides today GOOD

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