Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
Closely acquainted with popular occasion going to a top table INTIMATE
College failure is like 17 down only more so CLOSER
Coming up with the idea to water down one of those in The Palace THINKING
Completely on the wing presumably OUTRIGHT
Contemplates losing the head with exercises USES
Despatches what are in 24 across FORWARDS
Familiarises themselves with Bill and Pat Cook at school ADAPTS
For a man of the cloth, gold is missing from grand total TARTAN
Grinds for 24 across covers arithmetic for those who want to work in the current environment MILLSTREAM
Guess this is what the builder is capable of coming up with ESTIMATE
Has a chance of making 24 across or might just be a gold-digger PROSPECTOR
Keeps under surveillance parts of the Hawkeye State EYES
Maguire and Paterson working at Lisdoonvarna festival MATCHMAKER
Maximillian admits taking refuge in capital’s Square associated with mathematician MATRIX
Clues Answers
Monet travelling around Dublin, Ohio, going north to part of Alberta, Canada EDMONTON
Most of those in 9 across and 25 across working at the fortune telling FORWARDTHINKING
Nervous yatter follows a conflict TREATY
No port in a storm now! PRONTO
One of the things actors have to go through secretly in role reversal at The Gate? TRAPDOOR
Pharmacist has no cash traditionally for keeping a tight hold on what’s been published ARMPIT
Publicity act leads to Moscow’s espionage network of fall guys? STUNTMEN
Rear Southdown sheep, initially native to good ground in some American states NEWENGLAND
Secures building site TIES
Segment of Meatloaf rocks and is a cut above the rest AFRO
Side with characters to repudiate a movement TEAM
Some characters frustrated general having the upper hand EDGE
Taken in by Eton saying EATEN
Twelfth night in hospital and presumably can’t wait to get into theatre? PLAYER

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