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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 31 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Branch of mathematics similar to 4 down STATISTICS
Brings pressure to bear on uncle’s fine novel INFLUENCES
Chase off packhorse – if the butcher gets his hands on it, he’ll presumably sell it PORK
Divorcee gets to post individual good books by apostle EXPONENT
Doesn’t tell the truth about, for example, The Lords LIEGES
Greenish-blue spirit found around summit on Islay out of tank AQUARIUM
Grenadine without gin – is that merited? EARNED
Hired bar from bartender RENTED
In part, somewhat adamant looking back to what’s analysed by figureheads presumably? DATA
It’s fashionable for Henry English to test breathing apparatus INHALE
It’s intrinsic to entire problem about new hotel INHERENT
Keep an eye on those on the golf course – without them you won’t see who is coming up the driveway SPYHOLES
Lost all the letters by closing library and doing nothing LAZY
Mystery of wild game found around Ulster ENIGMA
One of those who can do something when he gets his hands on the keys for one of those rappers behind bars MUSICIAN
One of those with growing concerns for character raising stock issues FARMER
Posing less difficulty for loner from Sierra Leone EASIER
Prize money includes a fair amount of change for acquisition PURCHASE
Put a stop to tips from yesteryear PAST
Put in order to spoil everyone in storage facility MARSHALLED
Rocky Guy admits Central Ireland is not much to look at UGLY
Safeguard wild, ripe cotton PROTECTION
State ground is not used in cottage industry in New York CITY
Stopped for a cigarette at the centre and recharged one’s batteries ARRESTED
They’re in the habit of making The Abbey workable MONKS
They’re taught a number of lessons by slip up – and that’s only seen retrospectively? PUPILS
Those drunk at The Bar? Judges! MEASURES
Typical school with a gents? REPRESENTATIVES