Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 31 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A parliamentarian in court at the end of 6 down, similarly CAMEMBERT
Colour of rose, garden, shed, reds? ORANGE
Could this be used to damage the reputation of a person working in the station? On your bike! MUDGUARD
Country, for example, brings up the matter of consumption USAGE
Dish is awful? Blame salt! MEATBALLS
Even BB King goes to Switzerland to view flipping energy of The Boss BIGCHEESE
Hard time without aid or a bit of heat THERM
Having lost position last month to young woman from Spain DECLASSE
Hell-raiser gets grief from producer TROUBLEMAKER
In 5 down opens and closes turnstiles for those in Wimbledon COURTS
Independent to take a seat rejecting suspicious initial help, or so the story goes ITISSAID
Local suppliers providing biers we’re fabricating BREWERIES
New dances take off ASCEND
New issues to improve worker’s shirt with top-stitching Developments
Novel produced by a foreign general UNCOMMON
Regions close to 18 across in the heart of Essex BELTS
Return trip for one working in Wood TURNER
Ruin tent travelling in water, for example NUTRIENT
See the light without the 1st philosopher? HEGEL
Slippery US cobras can be rough and unattractive SCABROUS
Some initially confuse the sheepish type’s joint SADDLE
Stake in The Post? PICKET
State of a petition in American city ALASKA
Take another look at judge behind a bout? REASSESS
Try in a major way to woo somebody with marital trouble COURTMARTIAL
Volume by Trump, in its local form, primarily authored by Moscow CAPACITY
Where the flies are kept in Ring? It’s not fair! BELOWTHEBELT
You hear this again and again – no pets in apartments MANTRA

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