Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
Briefly, Count Marsh upsets hound travelling down the wintery hill TOBOGGAN
Carry out trials on make-up, primarily as an indication of what one person thinks on an individual basis PERSONALITYTEST
Catholic comprehensive? ECLECTIC
Corporate division produces endless amount of drinks SALES
Curtailed part of the stadium with mid-sized area for the linesman to workout STANZA
Diplomacy of characters involved in direct action TACT
Express dissatisfaction with corrupt Milan cop COMPLAIN
Foreign politician in bar opens some schnapps, indicating it’s not a stiff one LIMPNESS
Gets the job done for witnesses opening Inquisition consumed by some report SEESTOIT
Importance of ecstasy that’s explosive for half of France EMINENCE
Kitty has a plaything that’s missing the bottom – has it been chipped? POTATO
Knocked the stuffing out of old leader taking Bill around Washington, for one DEVASTATED
Lay to rest without royal examination TEST
Learns to leave considerable part of the dress BODICE
Clues Answers
Longing to head off to the ground ITCH
Mac’s rice bake produced in the oven CERAMICS
Most of the investigation in Ring is looking to recruit dealers perhaps CASINO
Mysterious old sailor loses head with staff ARCANE
Not genuine about retiring and warmed the bench for final ERSATZ
Overly curious type spying on flood defence in Peru for rebel leader NOSYPARKER
Put a stop to heads, hearts and lung transplants HALT
Ray coming out of Oyster Bar is a flashing light STROBE
Rep designs tour that’s fairly dismal DEPRESSING
Some welcome atmosphere in Turkey, for instance MEAT
Someone gets a job in the stable from the classifieds PERSONALAD
Stalin left East Berlin for Oktoberfest BEER
The highs and lows of former lead musician in The Hollies, for example EXTREMES
Woods alarms the golfers on first two at St Andrews FOREST

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