Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 6 2018

Clues Answers
A detective finding kitty buried in plot gave up power ABDICATED
A really small amount of lilac isn’t problematic SCINTILLA
A way into production that’s bound to take off with a pilot AVIATION
Big ship linked to oriental charity LARGESSE
Breakup of the former Yugoslavia SPLIT
Conventional type of wild flora around motorway FORMAL
Course starting with exam referring to what’s on reef CORAL
Dance director is drunk and gets played by musician CONGADRUM
Deposits from half of 1 down on settlements Downpayments
Early observations of post and criticism linked to school PREVIEWS
Failed to halt those in the middle of the river ABORTIVE
Get rid of diamonds and ecstasy for model DEPOSE
Keen for a cut at flyweight at the centre ACUTE
Moving camera captures old police force in Night of the Long Knives MASSACRE
Clues Answers
Negative aspect of Ulster team on border DOWNSIDE
Old wrestling game was the end of the line for the Greeks OMEGA
Opens 14 across on container and is allowed to take what can be shifted between the networks DOWNLOADABLE
Provides a good view of Bill leaving benefit for Spike VANTAGEPOINT
Rent in doubt for The Apprentice INTERN
Reproduce theatrical accessory for a theatre PROPAGATE
Rewrite grey tome for maths class GEOMETRY
Sara takes off in relay races with green stick CELERY
Signal from university is key – if it gets more voluminous one might have to have it out with the doctor NODULE
Traditionalist loses the head after Jack lays down the law JURIST
University and institute in need of a first draft perhaps UNEDITED
Welsh leek soup taken from back of quality magazine WEEKLY
What the comic actors are doing in The Pack PLAYINGCARDS
Won’t hear a bad word said against anyone on screen and is bound to clean up CENSOR

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