Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 7 2018

Clues Answers
Assessment of show involving Stevie Wonder VIEW
Barney gets to close the last exit in symbolic arena for The Killers DEATHROW
Built on a structure with a flowering maple ABUTILON
By-product of sequel RESULT
Check out local article from magazine – it’s what one should do if one is bored PASSAWAYTHETIME
Corinthian has no hint this creates a chilling atmosphere AIRCON
Curl up in front of the foreign tree house NESTLE
Delegates dropped tea coming down the hill in snow SLEDGE
Free ticket for 1 down to give away PASS
Heartless old jailer is expected for Christmas TURKEY
Irish men going to England picked out for losing the head and going to blazes FIREHOSE
Long story short – leader ruled part of Turkey SAGA
Made easy film with short-lived insects MAYFLIES
Maintain awkward stares ASSERT
Clues Answers
Museum display of Socialist realism, for example, set-up by dealer TRADER
One of those in 6 down, for example, for plumber working in the kitchen DISHWASHER
One of those in 7 down should be on the stage PLAYER
Opens the youthful Rieslings, ending with an old Port TYRE
Perhaps business enterprise opens after a month MAYBE
Position in P&O Ferries is closing on time POST
School in part of China for those holding the bass FISHPLATES
Some old-fashioned general has the advantage EDGE
Something to do at the airport security perhaps with display SHOWCASE
Takeaway at the end of binge upsets liver – how is that the better option of a bad choice? LESSEREVIL
The Dubs in Croke Park can be a little flat for those from Kerry, for example HOMETEAM
The runner’s runners? TRACKSHOES
The Summit Bar is popular with journalists HEADLINE
Well-built fashion centre for the French in lofty structure ATHLETIC

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