Irish Times (Crosaire) – Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Broker to bury millions with note’ – The Chronicle INTERMEDIARY
Abolishes college dances CHOPS
Analyse the vulnerable, soft youths training around college PSYCHOUT
Conversely, police department chaplain retires to African country VICEVERSA
Count’s last to recover TOTALS
Detective’s ringing Saigon doctor for a medic’s opinion DIAGNOSIS
Dock speech by Harry relates to contemporary influence PEERPRESSURE
Driven crazy round the bend DEMENTED
Form of play-acting by The Mod movement METHOD
Head off to Italy, for one, after fizz with a couple making Champagne FERMENTATION
Inched away from Indo-Chinese commotion NOISE
Individual in the centre of the left and the right is an unsociable type LONER
Is back, as there’s a fair amount of lichen on a rock formation SILICA
Is critical of Victoria, Ita and April at The Foundation VITAL
Clues Answers
It’s the last time Daisy’s relative has a day of rest after period of abstinence EASTERSUNDAY
Local gaoler in trouble REGIONAL
Off top of one’s head, wink at one of those in stadium for benefit of old writer INKSTAND
Old drunk in Portugal finds love in Iberian city OPORTO
One of those forgers upsets fool asking for silence around American college TINSMITH
One of those things the boxer might give comes as a blow BLACKEYE
Overlook what you should do with the stout for Santa on Christmas Eve perhaps LEAVEOUT
Playing nicer hand is absolutely no help at all HINDRANCE
Praises what the faithful does for 5 down WORSHIPS
School friend in Ireland with British Beetle SCARAB
Soldier in gaol break found lying at the side of the house LOGGIA
Take one back for short dress in red REMIND
To put pressure on Labour – how is that the job of the media? PRESSWORK
Two directors in part of Britain almost produce Drake’s Walk WADDLE

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