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Irish Times (Crosaire) – March 19 2019

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Clues Answers
A nice article is broadcast in complete agreement UNISON
Amidst motocross alternatives set up by stockholder? LASSO
Assign new actors to hub out of Bucharest RECAST
Attractive bride-to-be loses the head with legend getting on ENGAGING
Best price for setting up bank with overseas capital TOPDOLLAR
Bluffing it by passing out reports FEINTING
Colourful type seen on the beach on the shores of Istanbul and Odessa, among others BLACKSEA
Concoct a story for one’s time up in front of the judge or arrange things for a long stretch away perhaps PREPAREACASE
Cook someone’s goose starting 14 across with a male model PREPAREAMEAL
Drunk special port with Jamaican seasoning ALLSPICE
Grease portrays those favourites of some of the old masters OILPAINTS
Greek character captures popular wild animal RHINO
Hound flighty type after bad start BEAGLE
Internet search for The Mechanic ENGINE
Investigates The Last Word over cover-up PROBES
Last of the cumin in Raita mixture from European capital TIRANA
Pat Weir’s affected by bugs WIRETAPS
Place for the losers lost in wasteland near spring HEALTHSPA
Prickly type one associates with ros? from summit on The Cape THORN
Pussy foot around centre with one buck WAPITI
Some characters in Ottawa keeping up AWAKE
Sounds like heir on the snooker table is just as scary as The Hurricane and The Whirlwind for the high flyers AIRPOCKET
St Brendan and Columbus – who said they discovered America? OLDEXPLORERS
States Mr Spring is the best turned out SMARTEST
Suggests someone in the little boys’ room has something on their mind OCCUPIED
Where it all kicks off for rugby player and the crowd CENTRECIRCLE
With those types of blocks, it’s a cold place for Church building for the most part in Ireland ICEHOUSE
Work in the forest without reservation WHOLLY