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Irish Times (Crosaire) – March 2 2019

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Clues Answers
A little bit of what’s served up in Palermo takeaway ATOM
Al Capone dismisses pal as a crafty type capable of sending you down the river CANOE
Carry a torch to find what’s spewing up out of active volcano LOVE
Catching odd intent from Government NETTING
Chickpea starter with tahini spread and wine CHIANTI
Close to all sides today HOT
Could be aware, mystery man is causing trouble for The Hearing EARWAX
Duty of Beaux Arts to remove abuser TAX
Finishes all the dishes – spaghetti, veal, burrito from food store SILO
Gorge on most of the fish and Chardonnay RAVINE
Henry from around Rialto left out glass of brandy for those in inflated form of transport HOTAIRBALLOON
Hold spellbound setting up hotel on square in Ulster port ENTHRAL
Hostels not needing the tax right-off LOSS
Identify opening with acres of space in ship surrounded by water ISLANDS
Impetuosity of Count losing the head topped by Nazi leader consumed by Hess HOTHEADEDNESS
In The D?il, informant is a fragile, delicate type HOTHOUSEPLANT
Individual capital rights to remove one from debts can be hard to take ONEROUS
Instrument in old transport in America OCARINA
Is likely to go off dentists not taking sides TNT
Knight sends back German dish from Italian kitchen RISOTTO
Knock back bottles of Mimosa, Fosters and popular types in the lounge SOFAS
Laugh about a vehicle in The Big Smoke HAVANA
Local belt taken by boxer perhaps HOOK
Lose track of Passover? FORGOT
Not close by to waterproof a refectory from the inside FAR
Old master knocks out Ted’s wisdom tooth MOLAR
Remove snow from crow’s nest on top of the mountain CREST
Retweet about type of wine served up for the tourists to enjoy RESORT
Shocked gulag has trouble internally AGHAST
Slight regulars with no gear SLUR
Some stunning island backdrop to The Omen SIGN
Sounds like outcome of one of those at 21-gun salutes? UPSHOT
The essence of what’s locked up in decrepit household PITH
The latest taste of a shin of stew FASHION
Three innocents at the centre lost wild cats OCELOTS
Try to use a razor trimming top in olden times HAVEAGO
Very close to where Stalker can be found HOTONTHETRAIL
What’s the point in saying you got me there clever clogs? TOUCHE