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Irish Times (Crosaire) – March 23 2019

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Clues Answers
A slant from Spinal Tap from one of The Stones PIP
A wake for tenor by one left holding the ashes is a trend on the road to recovery UPTURN
Address of Turkish ruler held up in Leitrim enterprise EMIR
Amidst upsetting thumb motion in the dead centre TOMB
Bit of Patsy Cline backtrack with a thin-walled organ CYST
Bity type of revolutionary extract from Plato identified IOTA
Brunette loses nut with French topper BERET
Does this suggest it’s someone else’s autobiography? Never! NOTONYOURLIFE
Hair-raising type of detective gets lead to do surveillance on suspect PIGTAIL
In a manner of speaking, it’s long overdue as it explains the period after The Big Bang NOTBEFORETIME
It’s hard to understand Bellow getting pressure and stick at the centre CRYPTIC
It’s key to Yeti’s movement that’s excitable FEISTY
Locked up in Guggenheim – a museum preaching to the faithful IMAM
Made art in Spain of persons leaving greasy spoon GOYA
NATO built square for a city in America? Terms suggest it’s to be avoided regardless of the benefit! NOTATANYPRICE
Newshound showed off to one of those from The Abbey NUN
No room in comic opera for cold type from summit ICECAP
Of course, that lot on stag party can never say no YESMEN
On the jar in Cork LID
One taking steps to remove boating in Botanic Garden DANCER
One will have to move on, as didn’t put a hand out for the bus LETITGO
Out of tin? There’s none in Palestine! ASLEEP
Pipe dream without Demi – the star! PAPER
Poor result at end of war for one taking stock RUSTLER
Punishing Oscar for being easily frightened without Victor ONEROUS
Sat in on exchange with one diplomatically joining the institution that is United? NATIONS
Some interloper at event or function OPERATE
Stop browsing in diary – it’s not quite right LOGOFF
Surprise Count at the start with Bellow at bloodcurdling, beastly event TALLYHO
The German revolutionary from state bishopric has a part in The Bible? REDSEA
Three students taking in university is the opposite of 5 down LULL
Tick off cocktails with soft drinks COLAS
Tips on back of envelope by one of those down the pits OBOE
Transfer between banks for numerous people going overseas FERRY
What the informers are capable of in America and Russia covers good books being fairly specific NOTIFICATIONS
What the unsociable bird would do to do it alone FLYSOLO
Whistleblower retires in Tenerife region REF
Yes Prime Minister returns in most awkward feature SYMPTOM