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Irish Times (Crosaire) – March 29 2019

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Clues Answers
Be generous to some revolutionary, authoritative vignette GIVE
Be on the safe side with breakdown rescue SECURE
Donald is out for nothing in particular DUCK
For removing the flaws, on paper, of Harris Tweed with no width ERASER
Forerunner of crest on a dress ANCESTOR
Handy personal cover is something to put away for a rainy day UMBRELLA
Lift lid off casual drugs for those legally in possession OWNERS
McKinley releases my overseas capital NICKEL
Most likely to get all steamed up moving inert gas ANGRIEST
Not a large person sent for the messages MEDIUM
Old writer welcomes novel title produced by one with superficial knowledge DILETTANTE
Part of the column is kid’s play DISK
Points out problems to one jerk in major emergencies CRITICISES
Powerful blow found in Washington’s Watergate SWAT
Put on one’s guard by sportsmanship in 24 across impartial to most of 9 across GIVEFAIRWARNING
Puts the building blocks in place as witnessed in court SETS
Ran wings badly getting a number of cautions WARNINGS
Run away from convert, spy and detective TURNTAIL
Sets up last shot for a couple of fathers in commercial ADVERT
Ship liar out of Versailles VESSEL
Slice of dessert or tea brack or rich cake TORTE
Stories ire butchers specialising in roasting cuts of meats ROTISSERIE
This will give you a start or get you fired? IGNITION
Top actress playing to the audience SPECTATORS
Typical case of popular attitude INSTANCE
Unaware of upsetting soldier by bringing up broadcast with the sound off? IGNORANT
Warm review of pieces GUNS
Wild nectar from a foreign island CRETAN